Malak Allen 5/March

Lets Talk Cake!

Baking since childhood, I have always had a passion for finding the hidden beauty in experimenting different flavours and in creating a new fusion of different cultures and baking techniques. My unique signature that makes my cakes special is; giving attention to every detail, using only the best quality ingredients& instinctively adding that special touch of love to all that I put my heart into. 

While being a self-taught baker, my business started by sharing my passion with my family and friends as a hobby, and with their support, it grew to be a great business where I can do what I love for a living. 
Throughout this journey, I was excited to meet different people, create new friendships, and getting amazing opportunities, one of them was being featured in Vogue and Elle online magazines for beautiful cakes.
I have discovered a new passion along the beautiful path of baking which is teaching;  it gives me great joy to share my humble knowledge of baking with others. It started with a small idea of teaching a small group of girls who share the same passion and grew into giving courses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyad and Kuwait.

I’m happy & excited to allow this very unique and special journey to unfold naturally before my eyes. 

My vision is to keep moving forward & enjoy the journey as I grow with my students. I’m looking forward to discovering & uncovering all the magic of creative baking together with you all.